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2 New Knees & the Struggle to Share in 720p HD

I was so excited to have sat with my Mom today and shoot a 4 minute video with her. She shared her amazing experience with Dr. Michael Bronson at Mount Sinai hospital after undergoing a double knee operation (yes, 2 knees at the same time!) in February of this year.

Before her big day we researched knee replacement and came upon Jane Brody’s piece that described her experience. I was reluctant to share her story with my Mom- it was problem ridden and down right negative.

Sally’s (my Mom) experience was buoyed by the power of positive thinking. I saw the effect of “mind over matter” and my Mother’s experience reinforced my certainty- this approach to life is what we all need to embrace.

I hope that she inspires you and we welcome anyone who is considering this operation to reach out to us!

Now, for the geek part of this post. I was sooooo disappointed today to find out that I could not upload the 720p HD video that I shot from my new iPhone 4G to Youtube! I even tried doing so on wifi (thinking AT&T had imposed network limitations) and still had an issue. The best solution for this iPhone to Internet exchange that I found was Pixelpipe (my issue with the video today was that it was over the 200mb limit for Pixelpipe mobile upload). My FlipHD to Youtube is a much more elegant process than the iPhone- so disappointing!

Please share your findings if I am missing something here, I’d love to learn from your experiences.

The 360p version (HD to follow once I figure it out!):

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