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The Secret to Happiness

What is the key to happiness? With coffee in hand I watched Dr Ian Smith on the Today Show speak about the genetics of happy. Dr Smith claims that 50% of happiness is programmed genetically. There is hope- we can affect our 40% of our joy with simple things that we can build into our daily routine.

One action that oddly enough promotes personal happiness is making your bed in the morning.  Organization ignites our well being (I can attest to this, I feel great after a Sunday of tending to all the work that I missed doing during the week and nothing feels better than cleaning out my closets).

Another big happiness catalyst is performing “random acts of kindness”. The Wikipedia definition is:

A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or persons wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual or in some cases an animal. There will generally be no reason other than to make people smile, or be happier. Either spontaneous or planned in advance, random acts of kindness are encouraged by various communities.

What is your formula for happiness? Offer up a random act of kindness by sharing this post and/or commenting with your personal tip.

Branding Yourself with @quinnando #greenpearl

What is my personal brand…the one word that defines me? How do others think of me? In our 3 minute exercise I came up with “Adventure” for me, Teri of was “Curious” and Paul was “Hustler”.

Being authentic and excellent is more important than being different per Suzanne Rosnowski of Quinn Quinn performs online audits to uncover how well you are communicaticating all this- the 4 components are search, website, social media, blogs.

Here is the mini DYI audit:
– Google yourself, company, combination of terms used to find your services;
– Website: is it user friendly, show your strengths, communicate your personality;
– competitors, social, Google alert, see who is talking about your company online and listen.

How do I achieve success relative to online brand building? Suzanne stresses give yourself structure, be authentic, keep your content timely and fresh, add value to all posts and make it a fun read and be humble.

Ready, set, brand!

Do It Yourself Publicity #gp

Kelly Kreth lead a session on DIY public relations. My firm at has built an amazing following embracing this approach. Here are some tips from a New York PR pro:

Before you contact press (what set’s you apart and how do you establish your value)
– your firm should have it’s brand identity established;
– have 5 bullets of what you can speak about editorially what are you an expert on?

Develop relationships with media
– email an intro;
– invite to meet in person;
– invite to an industry event;
– send press release;
– send story pitch.

Excel in creating and disseminating press releases
– read as much as you can in your vertical (blogs, newspapers, media);
– create a media list;
– working with Business Wire.

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12 Tips to Getting Found Online- SEO The Natural Way

Matt Dotterer of Conductor shared some excellent tips with the Real Estate Pro’s attending the GreenPearl event. Here are some valuable tips:
1) Have your keyword in your URL and H1 header;
2) Add copy needs to be keyword rich;
3) Image only sites and flash are trouble for Google spiders;
4) Build navigation that is clear;
5) Align content with searcher intent/ keyword research;
6) Blogging and Guest Blog for inbound links and brand marketing;
7) Create and properly tag video;
8) Put a number in your title (4 tips for creating great content);
9) Optimize your internal links- 1 page per keyword (every page should be 3 clicks from the homepage);
10) Examine competitor back links;
11) Give testimonials that link back to you;
12) Learn to 301- don’t let pages that used to be on your site die.

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Real Estate Meets Social Media Marketing in NYC

I am SO excited about participating in the 2 day GreenPearl Real Estate Marketing and Technology Academy which kicks off today with an unbelievable cast of over 40 speakers including:

Dawn Doherty, VP Strategic Development, StreetEasy (me 😉 )
Stephen Kliegerman, Executive Director, Halstead Property Development Marketing
Jonathan Miller, President & CEO, Miller Samuel; and Publisher, Matrix and Housing Helix
Shaun Osher, CEO, CORE
Frederick Peters, President, Warburg Realty
Diane Ramirez, President, Halstead Property
Noah Rosenblatt, Founder & Publisher, Urban
Suzanne Rosnowski, Partner, Quinn & Company PR
Lockhart Steele, Publisher, Curbed
Jacky Teplitzky, Managing Director, Prudential Douglas Elliman

I will be on the “Listing Giants do Battle” panel today and leading the Social Media Marketing Makeover (see presentation) on Thursday AM.

Here’s the “before” video- Gus Waite’s call for help. I hope that you attend and reach out to me to support you in getting going with Social Media!

Digital Filmmaking- Learning and Loving the New Distribution Paradigm

I had the pleasure of attending today’s Tribeca Talks session. The subject was how the cinema business is being offered a  face lift with the advent of Digital distribution and Social Media marketing.

Per J. Todd Harris, in the past filmmakers and producers PRAYED for funding, PRAYED for distribution and PRAYED for ticket sales. In today’s environment working with savvy digital distribution house Cinedigm and jump starting a following on Facebook and Twitter drives investor confidence and sponsorship (Reebok in the case of his soon to be released Crooked Arrows).

It was interesting to understand that 85% of the time theaters are idle. Cinedigm’s alternate content options (think NY Met Opera live, Phish concerts in 3D, basketball games that deliver the courtside experience and kid’s programming on weekend afternoons) offer “exhibitors” reasons to open the doors and drive crowds during downtimes.

Yet another vertical is thirsting for Social Media marketing professionals and creative ideas to breath life into a once waning business model. Keep sharpening your pencils, it will be time well spent!

Amazing West Village Tour

I am excited to share this video produced by and starring Gus Waite. This IS the West Village and I so enjoyed seeing it through Gus' eyes. Follow Gus at: