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Top Tips: Making work for Real Estate

Welcome to my first of many tips that I will be sharing. I am shooting these videos using my Flip SlideHD Camcorder and they will be about 2 minutes in length.

Today’s tip is centered on Foursquare. If you haven’t set up an account yet then you should! Here is all you need to know about how Foursquare works. I love checking into venues, adding tips and sharing my whereabouts with my Facebook and Twitter communities. People see me as an active person in the community and may opt to learn more about me if they enjoy my tips.

Many real estate agents ask me “How can I make Foursquare work for my business?”. I do lots of research and thinking on Social Media topics and here is my first Tip for Real Estate Agents.

In the video I speak to setting your listing or new development up as a location on Foursquare. EVERYTIME you show, conduct an open house, stage/ renovate you should “check in”. This creates a buzz around the property (location on Foursquare) while developing a log for your seller that they can check into at anytime.

Please comment/ post questions regarding this tip. Tell me when you have tried this out!

St Vinnies Reunion- Going back to My Roots

I had the amazing honor of participating in last night’s reunion of former grammar school class mates. My friends convinced me that doing so was sweet- seeing people that you shared finger paints and juice boxes with has to be the most innocent of connections.

As I entered the room I experienced jitters and a weird sense of self judgment. As the night went on I was filled with joy as my dear classmates shared their lives and aspirations for the future.

Thank you sweet team and I wish you all the best and cling to the promise that we will always be here for each other!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Hell’s Kitchen Video by Gus Waite

I am so pleased to share another episode of “Your NY Agent”. This time Gus Waite explores the culturally rich “Hell’s Kitchen” neighborhood (and will leave you craving for a Manganaro’s Chicken Parm!)

I am working with Gus to drive his Social Media campaign and he tells me that getting organized with Social Media incents him to produce more videos. Knowing that you are actively building a distrbution network for your message is extremely motivating!

Perfect Saturday Morning

I wanted to share my perfect Saturday morning with you all!

It’s Bob’s birthday and we decided to stroll through our Flatiron/Gramercy neighborhood.

First stop was Birch Coffee where Jeremy the owner invited Biscuit inside. It was my first visit and I am looking forward to stopping in later in the evening for for a glass of wine. There is a library at Birch where you can add and borrow books.

Next stop was Madison Park where we visited the Event Horizon – I can’t get enough of those iron cast men. The park was greeny lush and Biscuit played for a while in the dog run.

We headed down 5th and stopped at the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale and I scored an adorable clutch. BB& Beyond then West Elm for needed outdoor accessories.

I am still smiling from this perfect AM and I have a full day ahead. Please share how you spent this amazing Spring day!

Feeling Bombarded? Obama and Bank of America Tout Social Media Education

I encountered two seemingly unrelated things yesterday that helped me to understand the extent of the pressure felt by today’s professional.

As I walked past the NY Post lying in front of my neighbor’s door (I glance at the headline each morning as I  take Biscuit for his morning walk) the headline “Bam’s iPad Slam” shouted out to me and I made sure to read the article that morning. The second thing was my participating in a Bank of America panel directed at Real Estate and Social Media titled: “Virtual Reality: Is It a Reality? Going High Tech in the Business of Relationships” .

Both the article and panel addressed the overwhelming pressures that America (in Obama’s quote) and NY Real Estate agents are feeling relative to the spread of social media and blogs. Obama went on to say  “All of this is not only putting new pressures on you….It is putting new  pressures on our country and democracy” and finishes with ” We can’t stop these changes but we can adapt to them”.  Jeff Appel moderated the B of A panel and posed questions centered on how one makes Social Media work for their real estate business and where is all of this going.

As a technology professional I feel that it is my duty (I also thoroughly enjoy it) to absorb today’s Online Marketing offerings and translate how these new products and services can improve the way we market our personal brands and communicate our strengths. The two things which were addressed within our panel that I want to emphasize are:

1) To make Social Media work you need to enjoy engaging in it. Forcing team members to tweet/ blog/ Facebook on your behalf defeats the purpose of embracing Social Media. Investing in building your online community and engaging with your followers allows you to develop warm relationships and when you meet face to face you benefit from having built a foundation of familiarity;

2) Connecting to friends of friends rather than those in your daily circles leads to increased success. In Malcom Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” he emphasizes: “It is your “weak ties” which are most likely to find you a career. Your strong ties are most likely in your same social circle and are, therefore, unlikely to have information that you don’t. This is a group for people looking to help one another find jobs by connecting each other to networks they otherwise wouldn’t be aware.” Same goes for Real Estate referrals- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube connect you to this aquaintence/ weak tie world which can be the source for your next property listing and/ or buyer client.

In summary, take the time to explore this new world of marketing. Read what others are saying, attend panels like the one noted here, and take classes. Education is what will fortify you and support you to meet the tests of your own time.

Betty White Proves That Old is Hip

“And now I am here tonight because you wanted me to be”. How could have this enormously successful campaign to get Betty White hosting SNL happen before the advent of Facebook?

This monumental achievement is a testament to the importance of getting online with your brand. Communities acting in unison can shift opinion, change businesses and get an almost 90 year old woman 90 minutes in front of a live audience.

Follow Betty’s lead and take your business to the next level by getting familiar with this new communication medium!

Social Media Makeover Tips for Real Estate Agents @greenpearl

I had the great fortune of participating in GreenPearl’s “Real Estate Marketing & Technology Academy” last week. The highlight for me was working with an amazing NY Real Estate Agent, Gus Waite, and transforming his relationship with Online Marketing. Gus has the burning desire to “Crush it” and all he needed was a plan to work.

Feeling organized, understanding the flow of a process, and setting aside an average of 45 minutes per day is all one needs to get their brand out and working in the world of Social Media. This virtual fishing line will attract the clients that you want to work with!

I invite you to review the presentation in this post and reach out if you have a group in New York that you would like for me to present to. My goal is to demystify this intimidating marketing approach (and learn along the way- I don’t purport to know it all) and get you on your way to establishing your virtual business shingle for all to engage with.

Expect tips, videos, a resource guide and more from me posted here (so make sure to subscribe to this blog!)

Staggering New York Real Estate traffic growth on @streeteasy

I was pleasantly surprised by today’s StreetEasy growth chart on Quantcast is a site that companies can subscribe to and be “directly counted” as opposed to showing estimated numbers. The top line is StreetEasy (14MM page views per month). The two bottom lines are the top New York real estate sites (agency and blog) who are also counted in Quantcast.

Users are voting with their pageviews so help us continue to grow by sharing our site at and turning people on the THE go-to resource for New York real estate information!


The Meaning of Personal Freedom and Thoughts for Achieving it

One of the most difficult concepts for me to grasp is that of “Personal Freedom”. We’ve all thought that “Freedom” is defined as having $5mm in the bank, locking down a committed relationship, or working out to the point that we have 2% body fat. If we had those things then are lives would be picture perfect, right?

On today’s “Consciousness Call” (details at Benjamin Malul shared that the definition of freedom is when I have COMPLETELY removed chaos from my life. When I fall into being a slave for quick energy- that rush I get from control- I set myself back from obtaining personal freedom.

Babies know that excessive crying gets them attention and we have all used this method to achieve the same (acting needy, showing anger, acting like the victim). We become slaves to this temporary control and never move past this behavior. In addition, the false illusion that money gives us (big wallet= personal success) and the illusion that a relationship is “mine” (I don’t need to work for it, I have the marriage certificate) stop us in our spiritual tracks.

What is your poison- are you an obsessive gym rat, is that Xanax prescription your daily go-to? Yes, engaging in these activities offer pleasure in the beginning yet keep us from achieving personal freedom in the long term.

I am working on stopping chasing aspects of my life with an “I can control” fervor. Connecting to daily awareness and my consciousness from an excited place rather than an “I should” position (I should same my prayers, read this book, go this this lecture) is my goal.

What are you a slave to and how do you plan to establish personal freedom? Please start by offering your comments and sharing this post.