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4 Steps to Champion Your Cause on Foursquare

As those of you who follow me know, I love to use Foursquare to share great eateries, services and locations with my friends and followers. I have recently been challenged to research and develop how this fast growing application can excite those who support causes to share their passion on Foursquare and in turn connect others to their supported cause.

In this example I am going to use Yehuda Berg’s cause to drive the message that is the theme of his book The Power to Change Everything. The book description directly from Yehuda is the following:

“From best-selling author and noted teacher and speaker Yehuda Berg comes a thought-provoking call to action on our current global crisis. Positing that our collective abdication of responsibility — in every facet of our lives, including business and the economy, the environment, government and politics, healthcare, education, and religion — has contributed to the problems and challenges we face, Berg asserts that taking responsibility for our actions (or lack thereof) and their consequences is the key to achieving change for the better. Berg urges readers to access the power within each of us, using the principles of Kabbalah, in order to create the consciousness shift required for lasting positive change.”

With the above message in mind I am proposing a system that will encourage “Ambassadors of Change” to check in with “Change Agent Headquarters” as they discover new challenges and post their ideas for creating lasting positive change.

The logistics:

1) Create a venue on Foursquare called “Change Agent Headquarters”. This should be done on a mobile device (go through the check in process, type in “Change Agent HQ”, scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will be prompted to add a new venue.) The address in this process is optional.

2) Sign in to on a computer and claim this venue as being yours to manage (go to venue, button on right). You will be taken to “Foursquare + Your Business”.

3) Foursquare will verify that you are the business owner- the cause needs to be backed up with a web page connecting it to a business, overview and contacts.

4) Create specials around check ins. For this case we would encourage people to share an item of awareness Ex: user in San Francisco can check in to “Change Agent HQ” and share a link about a green event being held in the city.

You can offer rewards for levels of check ins. 10 check ins can be rewarded with opportunity to meet a key person on the leadership team, etc..

The bottom line is that we are making it fun to share positive/ sharing activities and news and connecting our Foursquare friends, Twitter followers and Facebook friends to a movement that they may choose to delve deeper into.

Please share your thoughts on this approach and offer contact details if you get this going for your specific cause. Changing the world one check in at a time!

2 New Knees & the Struggle to Share in 720p HD

I was so excited to have sat with my Mom today and shoot a 4 minute video with her. She shared her amazing experience with Dr. Michael Bronson at Mount Sinai hospital after undergoing a double knee operation (yes, 2 knees at the same time!) in February of this year.

Before her big day we researched knee replacement and came upon Jane Brody’s piece that described her experience. I was reluctant to share her story with my Mom- it was problem ridden and down right negative.

Sally’s (my Mom) experience was buoyed by the power of positive thinking. I saw the effect of “mind over matter” and my Mother’s experience reinforced my certainty- this approach to life is what we all need to embrace.

I hope that she inspires you and we welcome anyone who is considering this operation to reach out to us!

Now, for the geek part of this post. I was sooooo disappointed today to find out that I could not upload the 720p HD video that I shot from my new iPhone 4G to Youtube! I even tried doing so on wifi (thinking AT&T had imposed network limitations) and still had an issue. The best solution for this iPhone to Internet exchange that I found was Pixelpipe (my issue with the video today was that it was over the 200mb limit for Pixelpipe mobile upload). My FlipHD to Youtube is a much more elegant process than the iPhone- so disappointing!

Please share your findings if I am missing something here, I’d love to learn from your experiences.

The 360p version (HD to follow once I figure it out!):

5th Post- Shopping for Your Ideal Client on Twitter

Welcome to my 5th installment in the 30 days to Success series.What I am going to share today will sound so simple and many of you may already be doing this. I am bringing this approach to your attention because a friend at Social Brand It! turned me on to this method and I immediately started to connect with my ideal audience.

People expose their preferences with each product or service purchase that they make. A consumer who will pay for quality in NYC probably works out at Equinox, follows celeb chefs like Mario Batali, orders wine from Wine Library and reads The New Yorker. I looked around the room at The Mermaid Inn while dining on Friday evening with my friend Patti Levan and said to her “wow, the clientele here is a great demographic for your real estate business”.

No,  I’m not suggesting that you run around a the room of that “tony” restaurant and hand out your cards. Social Media has made this connection easy. Here are simple steps to connecting to your ideal client using Twitter:

1) Identify luxury brands, service providers and events in your area (if your business is local like real estate). Start following them.;

2) Stick to areas that you actually “tweet” about. I am an avid Foursquare user (where I post dining tips)  so following restaurants on Twitter and in turn the specific restaurant’s Followers works- my content will be of interest to them.

3) Twitter posts location when they have it for an individual so if local people are your target then stick to these people.

So next time you find yourself at a new venue filled with people of interest take note and check to see if the venue has a Twitter following. Your next client may be waiting for you here!

Bring it On- Why Confrontation is Good for Us

I wanted to share a concept that has me thinking and retooling how I approach the people in my life. So many of us avoid confrontation, keep from “rocking the boat”, and in general work to stay safe and comfortable. I recently took an amazing class with Benjamin Malul which was centered on why avoiding confrontation keeps us from success and why it is a harmful choice for the world on a whole.

The definition for “Confrontation” in Webster’s is: : the act of confronting : the state of being confronted: as a : a face-to-face meeting b : the clashing of forces or ideas : conflict c : comparison <the flashbacks bring into meaningful confrontation present and past, near and far — R. J. Clements>  There are so many ideas regarding “what is confrontation and the best way to conduct one” with The Live Strong blog suggesting a direct, assertive, angry confrontation is the best approach!

My realization is that confrontation, when approached properly, delivers major clarity and “unblocks” us as individuals. A recent confrontation of mine centered around a subject that persisted as a murky area for the benefit of the person I confronted. In setting a safe stage and addressing the subject that was long overdue I gained so much more than if that particular topic got resolved. I connected to their agenda, assessment of me and the future of our relationship.

My partner Bob, who is a very experienced business man, shared that confrontation, to him, is not about resolving a topic in most cases. The topic is rarely put to bed (unless the parties do not have a relationship like two people in a car crash resolving how to move forward with the insurance reporting). He agreed that direct communication in a way that does not evoke a defensive position will be all you need to understand where you stand with another person.

So get busy with setting that confrontational appointment and be direct.  If you believe that we are influenced by our astrological signs, then take a look here regarding how to approach that roaring Leo ;-).

Confronting someone will free you to take yourself to the next level which ultimately benefits the collective. Please share your thoughts on the subject and recent confrontations by sharing this post and commenting!