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3 Steps to Using Facebook as a CRM

One of the first questions I get when presenting Facebook to business pros is “should I approve every “friend” request that I get on Facebook?”. I bring this up here in this post because I am now encouraging creating the largest friend base as possible to drive “Likes” to your business page. The key here is “friend” base management and organization.

Using Facebook as a CRM is both fun and effective- here is my recommendation on how to get started:

1) Review Facebook’s rules on creating lists.
2) Go through your entire friend base and tag them to lists.
3) Incorporate the “Limited Profile” list approach into your plan. These are the people that you would not have “friended” in the past but are collecting now to drive your business page. You can immediately drive those you invite to the Limited Profile list as well as accept requests and immediately tag them to Limited Profile.
I now have an organized list! I go to my categories (Ex: Prospects) and on a regular basis try to naturally build rapport through commenting on their posts. I am also keeping up with their life events and look for ways to transition the communication to a business conversation. An example of this would be the following:
A Real Estate agent sees that a past client just renovated their kitchen through reading one of their Facebook status posts. The real estate agent comments on the post with “Great choice! Here is an article detailing how you have increased the value of your home”. The real estate agent offers value with this action and everyone who has posted to the status before them get introduced.

Here is a post and video from Tech Savvy Agent (great blog for Real Estate Pros to follow!) detailing how to get your lists started.

Use Facebook as a CRM and see how your business benefits from this activity!

Revolutionize How You Stay in Front of Your Contacts

I have 2 training dates scheduled and plan to reinforce the “community” energy across NYC Real Estate professionals and be a go-to resource for them.

In preparing for the session I came upon a new way to view online and make it work for this community. I spent most of last year stepping through the basics of Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, and how to build your “friend and follow” base. This year I am assuming that most pros are engaged on Facebook and experimenting with Twitter and now they are questioning how to leverage the tools and get a specific return on their time and investment.

My seminar “Keep your Finger on the Pulse of your Prospects with Social Media” centers on contact management through new tools and viewing Social Media from a spectator prospective. Those choosing to post on Social Media and share opinions on Twitter are offering us a license to (for lack of a better word) stalk them! You can see their personal and professional life events, hear what they have to say about a wide range of topics, and check in on how their day is going. Creating a system to regularly stay in front of your past clients’/new prospects’ posts will:

1) Offer you the opportunity to create a rapport, stay “top of mind”;

2) Give you an opening to naturally take an event and segue into a business conversation ex: a new baby can prompt a call about their plans to move to a larger space.

I will be posting details on how to set up a system to efficiently do what I just described so keep posted. Please share your insight!