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5th Post- Shopping for Your Ideal Client on Twitter

Welcome to my 5th installment in the 30 days to Success series.What I am going to share today will sound so simple and many of you may already be doing this. I am bringing this approach to your attention because a friend at Social Brand It! turned me on to this method and I immediately started to connect with my ideal audience.

People expose their preferences with each product or service purchase that they make. A consumer who will pay for quality in NYC probably works out at Equinox, follows celeb chefs like Mario Batali, orders wine from Wine Library and reads The New Yorker. I looked around the room at The Mermaid Inn while dining on Friday evening with my friend Patti Levan and said to her “wow, the clientele here is a great demographic for your real estate business”.

No,  I’m not suggesting that you run around a the room of that “tony” restaurant and hand out your cards. Social Media has made this connection easy. Here are simple steps to connecting to your ideal client using Twitter:

1) Identify luxury brands, service providers and events in your area (if your business is local like real estate). Start following them.;

2) Stick to areas that you actually “tweet” about. I am an avid Foursquare user (where I post dining tips)  so following restaurants on Twitter and in turn the specific restaurant’s Followers works- my content will be of interest to them.

3) Twitter posts location when they have it for an individual so if local people are your target then stick to these people.

So next time you find yourself at a new venue filled with people of interest take note and check to see if the venue has a Twitter following. Your next client may be waiting for you here!

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  2. By julie | Reply

    great post Dawn. Simple but effective. And thanks for the shout out.

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