About NY Social Light:

This blog is a journal for my thoughts and observations regarding communicating your personal brand online. I would describe myself as being a life learner dedicated to keeping “present” and maintaining mindfulness in all aspects of my life (this is hard work!). I am passionate about uncovering the latest trends and technologies so I can live a fuller, more fun and productive life. I welcome your posts and comments.

About Dawn (provided by Ryan Slack of Green Pearl Events):

Dawn Doherty is VP of Strategic Development for StreetEasy and an Advisory Board member to REMarTech. At StreetEasy, Dawn is responsible for building relationships with brokers, building owners, and developers, to teach them how to market their listings to maximize results in the shortest amount of time. Dawn is a specialist in all things internet and leads a discussion forum to help real estate agents improve their online marketing skills. Dawn also teaches agents directly through her Facebook page, InternetAgent.

Why you should listen to Dawn:

No one embraces new marketing and technology trends faster or more fervently than Dawn. She is a veritable encyclopedia on new internet trends and is constantly improving her skills through participation in technology training courses and self-taught learning. When you attend one of Dawn’s sessions, bring a notebook and a good pen, because you are going to learn more from her in a matter of minutes than you’ll learn from many experts in a month.