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Bring it On- Why Confrontation is Good for Us

I wanted to share a concept that has me thinking and retooling how I approach the people in my life. So many of us avoid confrontation, keep from “rocking the boat”, and in general work to stay safe and comfortable. I recently took an amazing class with Benjamin Malul which was centered on why avoiding confrontation keeps us from success and why it is a harmful choice for the world on a whole.

The definition for “Confrontation” in Webster’s is: : the act of confronting : the state of being confronted: as a : a face-to-face meeting b : the clashing of forces or ideas : conflict c : comparison <the flashbacks bring into meaningful confrontation present and past, near and far — R. J. Clements>  There are so many ideas regarding “what is confrontation and the best way to conduct one” with The Live Strong blog suggesting a direct, assertive, angry confrontation is the best approach!

My realization is that confrontation, when approached properly, delivers major clarity and “unblocks” us as individuals. A recent confrontation of mine centered around a subject that persisted as a murky area for the benefit of the person I confronted. In setting a safe stage and addressing the subject that was long overdue I gained so much more than if that particular topic got resolved. I connected to their agenda, assessment of me and the future of our relationship.

My partner Bob, who is a very experienced business man, shared that confrontation, to him, is not about resolving a topic in most cases. The topic is rarely put to bed (unless the parties do not have a relationship like two people in a car crash resolving how to move forward with the insurance reporting). He agreed that direct communication in a way that does not evoke a defensive position will be all you need to understand where you stand with another person.

So get busy with setting that confrontational appointment and be direct.  If you believe that we are influenced by our astrological signs, then take a look here regarding how to approach that roaring Leo ;-).

Confronting someone will free you to take yourself to the next level which ultimately benefits the collective. Please share your thoughts on the subject and recent confrontations by sharing this post and commenting!

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