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3rd Post- Staying Engaged on Twitter

Here we are at the 3rd Post in the 30 Days to Success series. If you have followed the 1st Post and 2nd Post recommendations for getting a qualified base of Friends and Followers  then you are well on your way to mastering Twitter.  This post is all about supporting you through these beginning days and ensuring that you keep the moment and avoid the pitfalls that most people face early on.

Mashable’s post “How to: Help new users stayed engaged on Twitter” is a “spot on” piece which identifies the problems which force newbies to stall or even give up on Twitter.  I highly recommend that you read this article and push on through so you can soar using this amazing Social Media medium.

Here are the reasons people disengage with my recommendations noted:

1) People only follow those that they know

In the beginning of my Twitter engagement I used the Twitter tool that reviews your Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and results is a list of people that I knew who were already on Twitter. I immediately began to follow them. Many within this group were not active and posts were lifeless. My turning point: I happened upon active Twitter people like @hungrydomaine and I began to follow who they followed and would strike up conversations with them. This resulted in my breathing life into a once listless Twitter stream!

2) They only follow celebrities

Reading Lindsay Lohan’s ramblings and watching conversations fly between Ashton and Demi are fun activities. After a while you feel like a voyeur and a feeling of unworthiness and frustration begins to surface after mentions or conversations you start with them go unanswered. I started an Entertainment list and fed my desire for celebrity banter while parsing this activity from the base of people that I  focused on interacting with.

3) They are not having conversations

I must say that starting conversation was a very intimidating thing for me. The “@” and “#” symbols took getting used to. In time I would answer questions from people I knew or request recommendations with great success. Jump in and join the conversation!

4) They don’t think they are interesting

I remember the days when I felt like “who really cares about what I have to say”. My perspective changed to one of sharing and I got in the groove of tweeting.   Sites like PopURLs offer great articles to share and the location based application FourSquare has literally put me on the map in NYC and is a great mobile tweet interface. The key is to start sharing and to get mobile with Twitter. Install your favorite client (more on this in future posts)- mine is Hootsuite for the iPhone.

Have patience, persevere and start having fun. There is no wrong way. Please share your Twitter turning point with us!

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