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NY Social Light is a place where I will be sharing my thoughts and resources regarding the best ways to leverage online for marketing your brand so you can attract the ideal client/ contact.

2nd Post- Start by Casting a Wide Net with Twitter

Welcome to Day 2 of the “30 days to Success”.  My previous post centered on how to get started on Twitter. I want to stop here and explain why I chose to focus on Twitter for my first series of “Success” posts.

Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter presents the opportunity to attract followers from any geography with several degrees of separation from your sphere. Getting your Twitter engine up and running is the first level in the Social Media marketing funnel offering the most opportunity to gather a significantly sized community.

The great news is that there are methods and tools that if used properly and consistently will result in REAL people, with the attributes you dictate, following you! In the previous post I introduced Twellow– the Twitter Yellow Pages. Here is one more tip for connecting with your ideal client through Twitter via Twellow. Identify 10 “Gurus”, people who have the set of followers that you would like to attract. Type their name in the Twellow text search bar. For instance, if you are a Real Estate professional you would have Barbara Corcoran on your Guru list, if you are a network marketing or coaching pro then Tony Robbins is your man. Start with a list of 10 Gurus then see everyone that is following them. Choose to follow the individuals that you connect to best.

Another “hunting for Followers” technique is to jump onto Twitter Search. Type in keywords that your ideal client would most likely have within the body of their tweets. Here are the search results using “NY Real Estate” as a keyword. Start following people who have quality posts and are active tweeters.

I recommend that you go on this hunting expedition for new Followers at least once a week (35% of the people that you choose to Follow will return the favor and follow you back). I will tell you what to do about the 65% of the people that choose not to follow you in my next post.

The method that I outlined is THE best way I have found to naturally build your Twitter base. It’s quality over quantity that we are after. Please try this method and share your results. If you have any other process that results in highly qualified contacts- please share!

The Thrifty Hog- A “Must Visit” New Chelsea Boutique

The Thifty Hog (located at 11 W 25th Street, between 6th & Bway)

I love living in NYC! You never know what or who you will happen upon. I strolled down 25th street (my street) on Saturday morning and an adorable new store called The Thrifty Hog immediately caught my eye. I walked in and was surprised to find out that it was a thrift shop- every piece of clothing was freshly hung on matching wooden hangers and the designer shoes and bags looked untouched.

My new passion of connecting to local businesses and especially those which support others in need consumed me. I dropped Biscuit back at the apartment and hurried back to  meet up with the owner Deborah Koenigsberger. I set up my Flip SlideHD and shot an unscripted video with Deborah. The visual beauty of the store and it’s owner was over ridden by the positive giving energy pulsing through this lively space (and the carefully chosen soundtrack helped to further elevate the mood).

Please meet Deborah through viewing this video and bring your wallet and unwanted treasures to The Thrifty Hog soon!

1st Post- Twellow Your Way to Valuable Followers

Welcome to the 1st post of my “30 Days to Success” series. Just in case you missed it, I posted mid week here about test driving tools and services directed at building a qualified contact list in the most efficient manner.

My friend Denise Winters is an amazing photographer and has been a great Social Media buddy for me over the past few weeks. We made a commitment to absorb as much as possible and check in with each other to share content and progress. One tool that she raved about was Twellow which is a site that can be best described as the “Yellow Pages of Twitter”.  I jumped right in and spent Tuesday night checking it out.

As you can see in the chart embedded in this post, the people choosing to follow me on Twitter increased at a much higher rate after I set up my profile on Twellow (on 6/16). The new Followers were not spammers- they were real people. This higher level of contact is achieved because I was chosen as a result of being in a category they follow. I also gained new Followers as a result of people returning my Follow favor.

This is what I did to get myself going on Twellow:

1) I created an account and then set up my profile.

2) I reviewed the all categories page and started to associate myself with ones that described my interests.

3) I looked at the advanced search tips and searched on categories such as “New York & Real Estate” to see individuals with these keywords in their Twitter profiles/ categorized as such. I started following the large players/ interesting real people within these sub sets.

4) I looked at the Followers tab and drilled down into categories within a profile by clicking on the “more info” button to the right of his thumbnail. For instance, Barack Obama is categorized under Executive and I can see everyone else in this group ranked by community size. They are probably people that I would like to follow.

5) Twellow offers a Suggested Users tab and I was so pleased with their selections for me. I followed many of the people that Twellow suggested to me.

By “Following” you gain “Followers” in that most people return the favor.

Please take a test drive and comment here to tell me about your success and other methods you use to drive qualified Twitter “Followers”!

8lbs of Fat Lost in 30 Days

Please take the time to view this piece. It’s an off the cuff (see me setting up my Flip Camera at the beginning) testament to how consistency and a proven method yields results. In health and in business, it’s the same formula. Chart a course and stick with it!

Call Mike at Personal Training Institute and tell him that this video convinced you to sign up for a COMPLIMENTARY one on one workout.

1st Day of the Rest of My Life

If you are like me, then you are reeling from the noise that is being thrown at all of us from Social Media coaches and advertisements of tools that promise to transform your business. Your bookshelf (or Kindle) is stacked with books that you are meaning to get to. The guilt is racking up and you beat yourself up for not having an organized contact list that is growing at great rates. The race is on and you feel like you are way in the back with the 10 minute+/mile runners. Whew! Can you feel my pain?

I have always approached my life from a problem solving place and my commitment is to share and make this world a better place for us all (and life experienced with a bulging wallet is much more enjoyable ;-) ). From this day forward I commit to doing something that will bear measurable business results. You will experience my approach, the tool(s) that I used to drive results and how doing this impacted my goal.

What is my goal? Simply put, my goal is to build a valuable contact list and community that grows daily and to do this in the most efficient manner. Across every vertical and in all businesses the most important element is your contact base. How you organize them, what you say to them, and how you stay in front of them drives dollars. In today’s online environment this means managing the line of sending content of value without turning people off. You want them to buy from you and refer others to you. In the world of Facebook and Twitter “refer” means “Like-ing” your posts, re-Tweeting and engaging.  The more they do this, the more Facebook fans, Twitter followers and email list subscribers you receive. A portion of them will want to buy something from you.

Are you in? If so, please subscribe to this blog so to automatically receive my posts in your inbox. “Like” me, re-Tweet me and share the love. Good things come to those who give and I want your days to be filled with miracles!

3 Tips on How to Transform Yourself into a Professional Adviser

I am so fortunate to be out in the field and connecting to real estate professionals as well as people driving new ventures (I just had lunch with Teri Rogers who is rocking a great new Real Estate blog called Brick Underground). The common thread of many conversations is how the internet is challenging their livelihood and how they cannot keep up with the advances in technology.

With that said, the way we live online is drastically changing the business life of what I am now referring to as “solo-preneurs”- those individuals who are not in the corporate mindset full time. Professions like real estate agency and job recruiting are feeling the effects of disintermediation with sites like Monster and Sales Ladder connecting to the consumer directly. The positive side is there has never been a better time to introduce a new approach and connect to people that you would never have met in previous years.

The train has left the station- we cannot prevent the onset of these direct service models, we need to embrace this new environment and establish our true value as professionals.

The following is an approach that I shared with Eric Barron of NYREI (we shot a 3 minute film to be posted shortly!) which is directed towards Real Estate agents. I feel that this concept applies to any solo-preneur vertical in that it takes one back to a consistent hands-on approach that they can use to supplement the mass marketing (monthly newsletters, quarterly reports, holiday cards)  that many agents solely rely on.

Instead of sending out thousands of emails and mailings as a real estate agent traditionally does (which I liken to hoping to win the lottery as Seth Godin describes here) take control of your production and commit to doing something that will:

1) Secure customer loyalty

2) Increase your market knowledge and

3) Establish yourself as a market leader.

My recommendation for you to test is one which promotes going from a Transactional Agent to a Professional Adviser. Here are my tips for taking your career to the next level:

1) Review your contact list and identify a group that you feel would value a personalized service. My first recommendation is to come up with 30 people for the initial approach.

Call each individual and in the example of the real estate professional your conversation would be:

“Hello Jim. I am reaching out because I am offering a new service for a select group of clients. I am calling to see if you would be interested in a Real Estate advisory service. It is free and would consist of me sending you a tailored report that supports your real estate goals. The last time we spoke you mentioned that studio living is getting old and you have a desire to be in a loft in 8 years. My approach will be to study the market for you and suggest the moves we need to make to get you to that loft. This is much like how a Financial Advisor works. In return, I would just ask for you to engage with me and refer me business where it makes sense.” If they agree then they make your list. Be very selective because this is a time and effort commitment on your side.

2) Set aside 30 minutes per day and craft a tailored report for that client. In the real estate example it would be a market analysis of their property, movement in the types of next step properties and an assessment if this is the right time for them to consider a move (like your financial adviser would suggest selling stock and acquiring new positions). Send this report to your client via email.

3) Take that work and develop a blog post (not naming your client- describe the desire, current market condition, and your personal assessment). Add a link to this blog post on your Facebook Fan Page and tweet it.

Try this approach and tell me how it is working for you. Be a Go Giver and sell more!

Mindflex Over Matter

I am a self proclaimed “life long learner” and spend each day trying to improve myself so to contribute to the overall common good. The BP oil disaster emphasizes the point that we are all connected, one person’s actions affect more then themselves. Like the story of the two men in the boat where one drills a hole on his side. The other asks “what are you doing?” and the drilling man replies “the water is only coming in on my side”. We need to take responsibility on what we can affect (changing ourselves) so to elevate the entire world.

So what does this concept have to do with the Mindflex game by Mattel? I was super intrigued by this game (even though I was late to the party- 6 months after it hit the market, very unlike me ;-)) after it being mentioned in a magazine article on realizing your dreams. I have one on order and plan to share my experience. The game developer claims that by increasing one’s concentration the ball can be raised and decreasing concentration causes it to drop. Where else can we see such an immediate demonstration of “cause and effect”? I’m sold!

So back to our everyday relationship with cause and effect. The bottom line is that we need to stop creating worry (propagating bad fear) which in turn drives chaos. I have been practicing embracing what I can control: self improvement, creativity, surrounding myself with positive people.  I find that when I am sharing that I have the best days and witness miracles (those coincidental moments, “wow” experiences).

So just as this game demonstrates that “mind over matter” is real- get out there and create your positive life. You’ll be doing us all (this entire world) a favor!

15 Twitter Followers 2 Minutes After I Posted This

I am all about sharing and excited to tell you about something that worked for me on Twitter.

I received a very smart email from Very Short List (get on their email distribution if you are not already!). I viewed the video about the European lending crisis (that they recommended in their email) and tweeted the link mentioning @veryshortlist in the body of my tweet. @veryshortlist THANKED me for the tweet and minutes after this posted (@veryshortlist has thousands of very intelligent followers- people that I would like to connect to) I received new followers. Not SPAM, real interactive people.

The message here is to find communities (such as those following @veryshortlist) and engage!

Top Tips: Making Foursquare.com work for Real Estate

Welcome to my first of many tips that I will be sharing. I am shooting these videos using my Flip SlideHD Camcorder and they will be about 2 minutes in length.

Today’s tip is centered on Foursquare. If you haven’t set up an account yet then you should! Here is all you need to know about how Foursquare works. I love checking into venues, adding tips and sharing my whereabouts with my Facebook and Twitter communities. People see me as an active person in the community and may opt to learn more about me if they enjoy my tips.

Many real estate agents ask me “How can I make Foursquare work for my business?”. I do lots of research and thinking on Social Media topics and here is my first Tip for Real Estate Agents.

In the video I speak to setting your listing or new development up as a location on Foursquare. EVERYTIME you show, conduct an open house, stage/ renovate you should “check in”. This creates a buzz around the property (location on Foursquare) while developing a log for your seller that they can check into at anytime.

Please comment/ post questions regarding this tip. Tell me when you have tried this out!

St Vinnies Reunion- Going back to My Roots

I had the amazing honor of participating in last night’s reunion of former grammar school class mates. My friends convinced me that doing so was sweet- seeing people that you shared finger paints and juice boxes with has to be the most innocent of connections.

As I entered the room I experienced jitters and a weird sense of self judgment. As the night went on I was filled with joy as my dear classmates shared their lives and aspirations for the future.

Thank you sweet team and I wish you all the best and cling to the promise that we will always be here for each other!

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