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The Power of “Letting Go”

I just got back from an amazing trip to Israel with the Kabbalah Centre. This year’s trip had 600+ people from all around the world gathering to connect to the source with the intent of bringing this energy back to our loved ones and the world.

I participated in last year’s trip and embraced working on “letting go” as my correction, something I needed to address to advance in life. I have a natural tendency to be impatient, to control HOW I would connect to happiness.

I have learned that when we get our ego out of the spotlight, happiness finds us. Happiness found me last week, Tuesday August 3, 2010 at my wedding in Tiberius.

The entire process is a testament to the beauty you connect to when letting go. Bob proposed to me on Sunday July 25th (a week before leaving for our trip). Our teacher Benjamin shared that we had the opportunity to have a ceremony in Israel and we opened ourselves to this happening. We ordered our ring on Friday afternoon before leaving.

The specifics (where, when, how) were not shared. Meanwhile, a simple white dress presented itself to me while shopping in Tel Aviv the Sunday that we arrived. I picked up a pair of “blinged out” white Havianas and my super talented friend Rachel Brown styled me with her jewelry.

We were told on Tuesday afternoon that the ceremony would be that evening at Decks Restaurant which sits on the edge of the Sea of Galilee. We arrived and were blessed by The Rav, danced in circles, lifted on chairs, witnessed fireworks from boats that took us out for dancing.

The evening is etched in my memory forever. As James Van Der Beek stated (he was married in Israel 2 days before us): “For us, there was tremendous freedom in not having to worry about the food getting cold or the DJ playing ‘YMCA’ again!” I feel the great merit of having this night as the beginning of my life with Bob and the energy behind this happening was my finally “letting go”.

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  2. By Susan Fleming | Reply

    How wonderfully exciting…Mazel Tov!!

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