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2nd Post- Start by Casting a Wide Net with Twitter

Welcome to Day 2 of the “30 days to Success”.  My previous post centered on how to get started on Twitter. I want to stop here and explain why I chose to focus on Twitter for my first series of “Success” posts.

Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter presents the opportunity to attract followers from any geography with several degrees of separation from your sphere. Getting your Twitter engine up and running is the first level in the Social Media marketing funnel offering the most opportunity to gather a significantly sized community.

The great news is that there are methods and tools that if used properly and consistently will result in REAL people, with the attributes you dictate, following you! In the previous post I introduced Twellow– the Twitter Yellow Pages. Here is one more tip for connecting with your ideal client through Twitter via Twellow. Identify 10 “Gurus”, people who have the set of followers that you would like to attract. Type their name in the Twellow text search bar. For instance, if you are a Real Estate professional you would have Barbara Corcoran on your Guru list, if you are a network marketing or coaching pro then Tony Robbins is your man. Start with a list of 10 Gurus then see everyone that is following them. Choose to follow the individuals that you connect to best.

Another “hunting for Followers” technique is to jump onto Twitter Search. Type in keywords that your ideal client would most likely have within the body of their tweets. Here are the search results using “NY Real Estate” as a keyword. Start following people who have quality posts and are active tweeters.

I recommend that you go on this hunting expedition for new Followers at least once a week (35% of the people that you choose to Follow will return the favor and follow you back). I will tell you what to do about the 65% of the people that choose not to follow you in my next post.

The method that I outlined is THE best way I have found to naturally build your Twitter base. It’s quality over quantity that we are after. Please try this method and share your results. If you have any other process that results in highly qualified contacts- please share!

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